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I..I lost.

That was it? All my work just to lose?

Cilan gave me a reasurring smile and said "Just train your Oshawott a bit more, and try to find a type advantage okay?

I said "ok", but inside I was holding back tears to the point where even I couldn't hold them. I ran outside with Oshawott, and tried to find someone,anyone.

Bianca,Black,Cheren even!

I had to let it out.

I didn't find any of my friends. I was hoping to find Bianca, but she was gone looking for something, cheren was in the gym, and Black... That's right, Black!! Black was always there for me! We were sad,happy and mad together.

I had to find him. I called him on my xtransciever, and almost bursting back into tears, told him about what happened, concerning the gym battle.

I told him I was in a field near Acculmula town, and I needed him to come quick.

I sat on the Bench, and Burst into tears, not caring about the other people who were looking at me.

Black's POV (point of view)

I was grabbing gifts for Cheren Bianca and White in Accumula town's new store when I got a call on the xtranscever.(can't spell it).

I saw the girl I had liked, even loved for so many years hold back tears, and I immediatly became nervous.

She told me I had to come see her right now, I thought it was an emergency, and ran with my snivy, as fast as we could.

We reached Accumula town's field, and I looked around for her everywhere. I had released panpour and told them both to go and look for her.

I finally found her sobbing on a bench, and decided to go see her.

"Hey, are you ok?" I asked. I needed her to look up.

"Oh, yes i'm sorry that I troubled you, i'm just waiting for someone."

I laughed quietly, and asked why.

She replied with a "oh nothing."

I annoyed her until she looked up the say "None of your combees- Black!!

She grabbed me and gave me a tight hug.
I hugged her back... so? Don't give me that look.

She started crying, and I couldn't bare to see her like this, I mean I was gonna get sad too. I don't even know why she is sad!

"I.... I lost. To Cilan. I don't think I can do this journey thing, I mean I can't even beat the first gym leader Black! I have never been so stressed in my life!!

I don't know if saying yes was the right thing to say anymore!" She was sobbing to the point where my shirt was getting puddles of tears.

"White!!" I yelled, "Calm Down! It's just one gym leader! Not a very important one anyway!
White said that it was her first battle, and she lost.

She asked me if it meant that much to lose to someone of importance like Cheren, and how it would impact me!

"How would it impact me?"

If I was to lose to Cheren in front of White, how would that feel?

I went into deep thought, and almost flinched at the thought of loss.

White, who was crying to the point of exhaustion breathed heavily, and gasping for air, calmed down.

She stopped her crying and said "I'm sorry, you must think of me as a baby for acting this way, but its hard you know?

"mhmm" I said turning red at her sudden reaction.

White's POV

I felt like a 4 year old, crying to her dad. I was sobbing, then gasping for air as I finished. I don't even know why I was crying anymore.

I told Black how hard it was, and he turned red. It was kinda funny to see. I asked him why and he said nothing.

I told him if he didn't wanna tel his best friend then it was mean.

I bugged him to the point of Losing his mind.

He looked at me, wiped my remaning tears away, and with that stared at my eyes and kissed me.

I kissed him back, so what? I hugged him , and he cupped my cheek, wiping off the remaning tear that sat there.

We stayed like that and kissed or just a bit, but it felt like forever to us. It was picture perfect.

Black, and White.
Eppy.3!! Just finished! BOOYAHH!! I wrote it once,but it got erased. So I wrote it again, the same day!!! >__< Lots o writing!! Hope ya lke it. I LOVE THIS CHAPTER <3 <3 <3!

* Don't own title picture,pokemon,characters.*

Only MY story!!! YAY
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